Key Features


ArtioSign Create graphical screen editor on AvediaServer enables the creation of uniquely branded, tailored signage, with drag-and-drop ease

Easily build your signage layouts using elements including video, text, graphics, PDFs, PPTs and RSS feeds

Create your own signage designs or choose from a selection of templates to get you started


The Smart Control application* on AvediaServer lets you manage what is displayed on individual and groups of signage devices. Use ArtioSign Schedule to plan your signage campaigns

Create groups of displays and quickly publish playlists to individual or groups of devices, with drag-and-drop simplicity

Update signage on the move – change what is being displayed on screen using an iPad or Android tablet

Override signage screens with emergency messaging to quickly communicate to a wide audience

Maintain publishing control by restricting user access to specific signage groups


Schedule your signage playlists to be displayed at different times to target your message to the right audience at the right time. Manage signage campaigns quickly and easily in
ArtioSign Schedule

Drag and drop playlists onto the timeline to create a signage campaign

Schedule signage content up to a year in advance

Quickly create signage campaigns with the ability to copy and paste days of the week or an entire week’s schedule


ArtioSign Display enables you to turn any connected display into a digital signage delivery point. Publish content to a single end-point or a network of screens

Maximise revenues by incorporating advertising into signage and display in targeted locations at optimal times

Low power consumption and Power over Ethernet support make AvediaPlayer Media Players an economical choice for digital signage, compared to a traditional PC-based system

AvediaPlayer Media Players come with ArtioSign built in as standard: gain instant access to the digital signage functionality with simple licence-based activation

Deliver ArtioSign content straight to Samsung Smart Signage Platform and LG Large Format Displays (LFDs)


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