Arrive AirPoint

Product Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions: 5.118” W x 3.150”H x 0.866” (80 x 130 x 22mm)
Net Weight: 0.09 lbs (40gms)
Gross Shipping Weight: 1.23 lbs (560gms)

AirPoint™ 2011-BYMG is a universal wireless media presentation gateway device that supports Apple AirPlay, WiFi Miracast and Intel WiDi on the same integrated platform. This second generation AirPoint device provides :

Wireless screen mirroring for BYOD presentations and does not require dongles or other devices to be connected to the user’s WiFi capable presentation device.

Toggle option between 2.4 and 5 Ghz frequencies.

No extra requirement to download software on personal devices since it is embedded with the Arrive AirPoint 2.0 software.

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