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Product Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimension: 1375 x 877.2 x 30
Product Weight: 43.8

Key Features:

SMART GESTURE:Writing/Erase could be simply realized by finder touch or gesture. The system can distinguish the gestures for writing or click.
SMART BACKLIGHT:When there is user writing, the system will adjust the backlight to protect user's eyes.
SMART TOUCH CONTROL:Adjust the screen brightness, LED backlight, Speaker volume,Mic volume, input signal selection by simple finger touch over the screen.
Easy Operation:No need for additional complicated software to achieve presentation annotation, real person signature making.
Always Standby:Once power on, only takes 12 seconds to enter whiteboard mode.

CKPAD takes interactive whiteboard technology to the next level by combining 6 IR point touch performance, LED back-lit high-definition screen, patented computer-free real-time annotation technology and elegant design into a fully integrated, easy-to-use, plug-and-play, smart all-in-one whiteboard.

• Three Systems Coexist Most Stable:True compatibility among Windows,Android,HWB. Common operations such as writing, erase, turning page, save are done,Whatever OS you prefer, through hardware processing. No need for computer or Android-based Just plug-in, touch and share.

• Integration Through:Artfully crafted with brshed aluminum Multi-touch screen for traditional TV Dual-Platform Windows & Android built-in Included with CKcoolview software solution Content share via WIFI.

• Intuitive Icon and Shortcut:Onekey operation to switch between common functions (Writing Board, Mouse, Pen, Eraser).

• Smarter Whiteboard:Use Remote control Apps or Remote Control to do the followings: Turn pages of PPT, Open common files such as Audio/Video, Web Page, Email; Turn of/off whiteboard system, Switch signal source etc.

• USB disk storage:choose to store only top layer of writing content or bottom signal background layer, or two combined layers. This can be done even without computer.

• Loop-out display:Give real-time loop out to video wall or projector via an analog or digital output interface to achieve even bigger screen experience.

• Intelligent screen adjustment:Under the glare environment, it intelligently identi es whether the user is writing and automatically perform eyes protection mode.

• Intelligent gesture :Do not need to click menu bar icon, you can switch between writing and eraser functions simply by nger gestures.

• Gesture switching :Under writing mode, it intelligently identi es simulated operation of click, right click, mouse wheel, multi- nger page up and page down. This eliminates the hassle of constantly switching between pen and mouse functions.

• Smart Touch :You can fast switch between different inputs by tapping the signal icons on the menu bar. Also the screen parameters such as brightness, backlight, speaker volume, MIC input volume are adjustable via the screen touch.

• Smart temperature control:Real-time display of operating system temperature to observe its working state: When the system temperature is too high, it will automatically take measures to cool down, and give a warning buzzer; When the system temperature is extremely high, the device will automatically turns on power supply. The user can also choose switch on/off or temperature control function.

• Android OS features:Support apk and other application les not downloaded from AppStore, but please make sure your APP is compatible with this Android OS version.

Item specifics:
Model: CK-PAD 58/65/70/75/84/98
Screen size (diagonal) : 55/58/65/70/84 inch
Touch Module: Input method 6 points infrared ray shading detection system
Input/Output: Inputs PC USB3.0*1,Android USB2.0*1,Multi-media USB
Outputs DVI-I,RCA Stereo
Other outputs Coaxial Audio*1,Headset*1 L/R RAC*1, DVI-I*1
Speaker: Audio output15W*2
:Consumption : Standby Power Consump. 0.5W,
Max Consum. 58 inch about 200W
Power Supply 220V~50/60Hz
Working Environment: Tempterature: -15-50
Humedity: 20~90%
Storage Temp.: -40-50
Storage Humedity: 10~95%

Do free writing, painting , edit formulas, handwriting recognition, video playing, dynamic hyperlinks and other powerful,multimedia contents to create a vivid and exciting classroom programs,Central control for power on/off the whiteboard, volume adjustment, notice publishment, input source switching, backlight/brightness setting, touch control etc.

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