CaptureVision Station

Product Specifications

Video Inputs* : HDMI/ VGA/ RJ-45
Max. Video-In channels : Maximum 4 channel synchronized recording
Video-In Modes: HDMI: 480i~1080p60, VGA Video: 480i~1080p60, VGA PC: 640*480~1920*1080

Key Features:

Multi-Source Synchronized Recording.

VS-LC101 supports synchronized multi-source recording through HDMI / VGA/ RJ45 interfaces currently found on Full HD web cameras, notebook, document cameras, digital microscopes, DVD players etc.

*DVI and Component inputs are also supported when DVI to HDMI adaptor,or in the case of Component inputs, the Component to VGA adaptor is used.

Graphical User Interface.

VS-LC101 CaptureVision Station comes with a fully graphical user interface utilizing information visualization in order to minimize the learning curve required. A remote control allows for easy operation of VS-LC101 ’s comprehensive capabilities including screen split, image recording and streaming etc. The administrators can also access the system setting and management options through web-based backstage

Proprietary Signal Separation Technology.

Proprietary Signal Separation Technology Lumens’ proprietary Signal Separation Technology allows the exibility of single or dual source front stage (live lecture) display while simultaneously performing multi-source and multi-screen recording.

Easy One Button Recording.

A remote controller is all the needs for the instructor or the assistant to perform lecture recording, live lecture streaming, recording layout editing, lecture playback and content streaming without the interrupting the ow of the lecture.

Built-in Web-Based Video Switcher.

VS-LC101 CaptureVision Station has built in the web-based video switcher that is used to control and monitor the cameras’ eld of view camera mount precision movement, image source switch, image layout switch and audio mixer functions etc.

Support Live Streaming on YouTube Live,Ustream and Twitch etc.

Lumens VS-LC101 supports live streaming service on various CDN platforms, such as Youtube Live, Ustream, and Twitch, which makes streaming an on-going lecture or event to your channel simple and easy.

A true all-in-one solution to oer high quality Full HD synchronized recording, storage management, video broadcasting and remote access Easy to install and simple to operate with compact design

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