Key Benifits

Manage your workspace better

The comprehensive reporting feature means Condeco Desk Booking Software provides data on how often desks are booked and if the desk
were actually used. Once you have identified areas of low usage, you can introduce desk sharing schemes and identify working groups to optimize
available space and create a more collaborative work environment.

Reduce your carbon footprint

By raising the usage of your workspace, our desk booking solution can help to reduce your company’s energy bill, translating into significant
ROI. The reduction in energy usage can also support your corporate responsibility program.

Book a desk anywhere, anytime

Condeco Mobile Desk Booking is our mobile desk booking app for IOS, Windows, BB and Android smartphones. The app makes it easy
for you to book and manage your desk booking on the move. This creates greater flexibility for an increasingly mobile workforce.

Develop flexible ways of working

Condeco Desk Booking lets you set up desk groups like – hot desks, fixed desks or flexible desks based on usage data from Condeco Desk
Booking and Condeco Sense. As well as offering traditional hot desk or shared desk bookings, Condeco fixed desk has a feature that
allows staff to release their fixed desk for others to use when on vacation or out of the office.


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