The Media POINTE HD Portal provides the greatest combination of power and affordability in a video capturing system today. It sets a new standard for delivering state-of-the-art capabilities at a low cost. And unlike competing products, the HD Portal is a truly two-way content solution. In addition to capturing or streaming any live event it allows you to view other events captured elsewhere on your network, live or on demand. All of the HD Portals on your network can share all of their content, all of the time.The HD Portal combines multiple sources (i.e. cameras, PC’s, etc.) into one multi-image recording that can be played on any PC or mobile device. It supports virtually all industry standard file formats ensuring the broadest compatibility and longest possible life for your content.

Like other MediaPOINTE products, the HD Portal offers full integration with MediaPOINTE’s DMRs, Keycard Automation System, and Ensemble Content Management System to provide the easiest to use and most automated capture-to-publish solution on the market. And MediaPOINTE’s optional patented Wi Fi Hub technology allows you to control, monitor, and stream your content wirelessly. No need for a network connection of IT staff to get you up and running. The system will even upload and publish your content to websites… Wirelessly and AUTOMATICALLY.


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