Product Dimension and Weight

Product Length: 32″ up to 150″
Product Weight: 10.0000KG


Touch Technology : infrared
Number of Touch Points : 2,4,6,10,16,32 and 40 Touch
Avilable Sizes : 32″-150″
Thickness & Width : 19.5mm X 8.1mm
Response Frame Rate : 120-150″ fps
Touch Point Accuracy : 33 mm
Report Resolution : 32767 X 32767
Power Supply : USB Powered average while active
Frame Color : Black Powered coated (custom colors avilable upon request)

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Key Features

  • 100% Visibility
  • Fast response rate and tracking
  • True Multi touch 2,4,6,10,16,32 and 40 touch
  • Fits for any Commercial and demestic monitors
  • 40 finger Multi touch input with palm rejection capability enables engaging single & multiple user interactions
  • Fully customizable in dimensins applicable for larger format display&video walls upto450"
  • The Slimmest,Solid aluminium & Scratch resistant frame can easily be integrated in any upscale commercial or exhibition environment
  • sub-millisecond processing, zero-force sensing, and near-zero parallax deliver instant, accurate touch recognition.

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