Software Application Embedded Arrive AirPoint™ 2.0 wireless video processing application with native support of Apple Airplay, Miracast™ screen
mirroring and Intel WiDi. Manages SSID broadcast and wireless set-up.
With built-in ethernet port and dual band WiFi Integrated dual band wireless access points: 2.4 and 5 Ghz 802.11n capable. Low coverage radius to avoid spill-overs. Wired
ethernet port provides connections for the user’s internal network.
Wireless BYOD Simply connect and present with integrated Apple AirPlay™ (tested with and supports till Apple iOS ver. 10) WiFi Miracast and
Intel WiDi capability. Connect via WiFi LAN or directly to the Arrive AirPoint™ wireless gateway. Does not require insertion of
external dongles or initiation of any proprietary client software on compatible iOS / Android / Windows 10 devices.
Convenience of power, data playback and software upgrade via USB Comes with dual cable USB I/O to power the device, along with ability to playback content or upgrade software from USB
Integrated Audio ports Analog and digital audio port for playback of content that comes with sound such as videos, podcasts, etc.
Full-screen display over HDMI playback
Can be integrated with Arrive HuddlePoint devices for added wireless collaboration function


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Key Features

Built-in universal wireless media receiver for BYODs that support Apple Airplay and WiFi Miracast wireless screen mirroring.

  • Enables wireless screen mirroring one at a time from wireless connected iPad and iPhone devices that support Apple AirPlay. Connect Android tablets and smartphones, Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, and Windows 10 laptops and tablets seamlessly using WiFi Miracast. Intel WiDi devices can also connect to the AAP-2011-BYMG.
  • Transmits wireless Audio and Video sync and play back.
  • Eliminates the need for client applications to be downloaded on the users’ personal Apple iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices.
  • Eliminates the need for dongles, HDMI nodes or break-out USB senders to be connected and disconnected each time.

Airpoint 2011 BYMG

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